We are passionate about helping others succeed. Our team works HARD so you don't have to, our members will tell you more.

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We are enthusiastic individuals who love trading. Our team has years of experience from different backgrounds: investing, brokers, teachers, and traders!


We take pride in our work, so we ask our members to reach out after they are done with the training. The responses are amazing and liven the atmosphere in the office when we see how our training impacted others.
  • Hey guys, just dropping by to say hi. I wanted to update you all on my progress as you guys got me to where I am today. For the past few days I had a few bad trades but overall my portfolio has never been better. I thank God everyday that I saw you guys on Twitter, otherwise I don't know how I would have survived. Thank you again! P.S. I signed up for the short term picks so I'm hoping for some juicy news :)
    Levi Uriah
  • Hey Faisam Trader, I don't know if you remember me but I was the one always asking questions in the chatroom lol. I hope your doing good and referred a couple of my friends (Mike, Ben, Spencer) to your website. What I liked the most about your program was that it was easy to follow and master. The methods I picked up from you guys are used daily for when I make buy or sell and so far it hasnt let me down. I wish you a happy 2016 and the best of luck.
    Anthony Jerome
Stacy JohnsonPro Trader
When I spoke with my husband and said I wanted to start trading he laughed in my face. I had no previous experience and did not want to work the regular 9-5 jobs, so I chose to pursue trading anyways. Along my journey I met with Faisam Trader and if it wasn't for them I don't think I'd still be trading. Give them a shot, you won't regret it.
Aaron MagdaPro Trader
Man where to begin... I thought I knew it all but kept losing money day after day. My friend and I came up with various techniques and they all failed. I had heard of Faisam Trader but never gave it much thought. After one bad day of many bad days of trading I signed up with them and boy was I lost. They helped me learn the concepts of trading from the ground up and today I can honestly say it is all thanks to Faisam Trader that I am making money through trading.
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