25+ years of trading experience translated into a website to help others do better.

About FaisamTrader

Over 25 years of trading experience and we follow the principle that there isn't just one method of trading that works. The market is changing every day and we have been changing with it. For the past five years our team has developed alongside the market to find the biggest winners.


There are over a thousand different indicators and many different strategies. We simplify years of education into simple guidelines to do better.


Buy and hold for a day

Text messages are sent straight to your phone for overnight holds.
Alerts are sent with entry, target, and stop loss price. Also, these text messages include updates on previous positions. Membership created due to popular demand and works with the PDT rule.


We teach everyone, from beginners to veterans, how to trade successfully

Who needs mentoring to trade stocks?

If any of the following applies to you then mentoring will help you.

Mounting losses and severe depletion of capital

Constantly tied up in a losing trade and hoping that the trade will work out.

New to trading stocks and want to make a side income

Without a system and knowledge of the market, many beginners tend to lose their initial investments

Not knowing when to enter and/or exit a trade

Entering movers at a high price and the stock drops. Also, not knowing when to sell leading to a loss

How can FaisamTrader help you?

Dedicated, 1-on-1, mentoring and support tailored for you

(included in the pricing below)


$3490.57 made in two days


$950 made in one day


$1081.08 made in two days


$4571.78 made in four days



Trading Professional

We Try Harder

Ibrahim Hashem
I have been trading for a few years without much success and decided recently to put more effort and time into it. After watching various analysts I came across FaisamTrader and decided to follow Faisam on twitter. I recognized his high percentage for making great stock calls and decided on participating through the free trial offer in the day trade program. Basically, I'm now sold on the great team with Faisam and will be taking the annual membership to remain within the great group of people investing together. I hope to make this a full time job. Thank you Faisam and all.
Michelle Shaw
I've been in many different chatrooms but none of them compare to Faisam's chatroom. I found their service through StockTwits and after following for a few weeks I saw the passion Faisam and his team had for their members and trading. After joining the chatroom my beliefs were confirmed - any questions I had were answered and the people are really friendly. I haven't been able to join the chatroom for a while now because i'm busy with some personal things but I highly recommend Faisam and his team for anyone that is looking for a professional and friendly chatroom that normally catches the big movers regularly. You guys are awesome, keep it up!
Maria Ulin
Hi Faisam! You are doing a fantastic job. You have really helped, making money as a single mum to a daughter. I been trading for 5 years but not with success but when I joined your service all that changed. I am in the room almost every day and I should really be in the Chatroom I don't why I haven't. I would love to be a livetime member :). Thanks again for a fantastic service Faisam :)
Mike Matthews
So glad i found you guys before your chatroom I was in a couple of different chatrooms and they would always mention they were in a trade without tellig the members. The system you have makes it very easy to follow along and the support from the team members is second to none. Will be buying lifetime membership next time its available.


Silver Package

  • Chatroom access for Day Trading
  • SMS Swing, Overnight Hold, and Options Alerts
  • 5-15 alerts per week
  • Entry, exit, and stop loss prices
  • Three months email support for any stock
  • Works with the PDT rule
  • Group mentoring classes
  • 3 months of classes (upto 4 classes per month)
  • 3 months of alerts

Gold Package

  • Everything included in the Silver Package
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring
  • 12 months of classes (upto 4 classes per month)
  • 1 year of alerts

Platinum Package

  • Everything included in the Gold Package
  • Lifetime weekly classes (upto 48 classes a year)
  • Lifetime alerts

Have any questions or concerns? Please feel free to get in touch and we will gladly answer them.