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day and swing trade alerts package

For those trigger happy day traders we send out anywhere between 5 to 20 alerts a day depending on market conditions.

For those with a full-time job and are looking to make a side income with swing trading we send out up to 5 alerts a week.

Chatroom access where all of our day trade alerts are sent with live scanners and commentary by team members. Real-time SMS alerts for swing trades.

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Ibrahim Hashem
I have been trading for a few years without much success and decided recently to put more effort and time into it. After watching various analysts I came across FaisamTrader and decided to follow Faisam on twitter. I recognized his high percentage for making great stock calls and decided on participating through the free trial offer in the day trade program. Basically, I'm now sold on the great team with Faisam and will be taking the annual membership to remain within the great group of people investing together. I hope to make this a full time job. Thank you Faisam and all.
Maria Ulin
Hi Faisam! You are doing a fantastic job. You have really helped, making money as a single mum to a daughter. I been trading for 5 years but not with success but when I joined your service all that changed. I am in the room almost every day and I should really be in the Chatroom I don't why I haven't. I would love to be a livetime member :). Thanks again for a fantastic service Faisam :)

Start Your One Month Trial Today!