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Hey guys,

I had a moment, you know one those moments where you think about life. Think about how much you have, how lucky you are. All I can say is I am blessed.

There were many things in life I wanted and I got every single one of them. The most recent thing I wanted was to be a good teacher. Someone who can think outside of the box and teach in a way where I would cater to each individual’s needs. I would find out who you are, what you like, where you are coming from, why you got into stocks and lastly how I can impact your life.

There were times I doubted my abilities. But then in October of 2017, Paul Naomi signed up to our mentoring course and it was all over. It was a dream of mine to have people that thought like me, trading with me.

While most of our mentoring students learned how to trade and moved on to their normal lives (which is what I expected). Paul Naomi on the other hand stuck with me, and now basically runs the chatroom. Making a complete joke of my alerts.

Now I rely on Paul’s alerts to make me money within the first 30 minutes of the market open. He has been very successful, trading at a 74% accuracy with an average gain of 8 percent per trade since the beginning of the year to be exact.

Before I used to wake up every morning with the stress of having to find amazing alerts. Now I just still back and blindly place my buy stop order with a trailing stop and relax. Life has never been better.

I would like to publicly thank Paul for his efforts and wish him a long and healthy life, so we all can sit back and enjoy the easiest process of making money within the shortest period of time.

I also believe you owe it to yourself, if you are not a part of our chatroom yet. You deserve to have the best daytrader I know alerting to you each and every morning.

As a token of my appreciation of Paul and life in general I came with a plan to give away a lifetime membership to our chatoom service for just $500.00. I mean $500.00 is less than what you spend on coffee in a year. Here we go again with the “less than cup of coffee” line, lol. The price does increase by $100.00 on a weekly basis.

Now you might notice I don’t have links in this email which send you to another page where you can sign up for the membership. The reason being I just honestly wanted to share my feelings with you and hope you are blessed with the type of people I have in my life.

I hope you go to sleep tonight giving yourself that moment where you can think about all that you have and just think if you would be better with or without everyone and everything you have. I am sure you will find the answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, have yourself a wonderful night or morning. 🙂