Kickstart Your Trading Journey

If you are someone who has never traded before, but want to learn the inner-workings of trading for income then this course is for you.

Making Sense of the Stock Market

We are committed to providing you with the best information needed to start trading.

The Beginner's Course will go over the very basics such as candlesticks, moving averages, analyzing different timeframes, and understanding indicators along with the ones we use. Those are a few things you will learn to use to your advantage on a daily basis to make the most optimal trades.  

Once you feel comfortable, you can move onto our Advanced Course that will be explaining HOW we use the items we will be discussing in the Beginner's Course; along with how to set up scanners, what to look for on a chart, and most importantly how to define support and resistance including much more.

These group classes were introduced in response to the many inquiries we had for the mentoring, but were not able to afford the price for the one on one mentoring. With these classes, we can now provide crucial education to our valued members at an affordable price and we are excited to get started.

One Simple Process to Accommodate Everyone

New classes start at the beginning of every month. Classes will be held three days a week at 8:00 PM EST on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 45 minutes per class. 

Each lesson will be live where we will be showing our screens to all the members. It will also be recorded and uploaded to an online cloud so that it may be viewed for review or if you missed the class. This will also help with the final exam so that you can look over and better understand the material covered.



I feel very lucky to have mistakenly stumbled upon this team of extraordinary traders. The sign-up process was fast & easy and I profited from my very first trade (more than enough for a 3-month subscription of day-trade alerts!). All of the alerts have been good, common-sense conservative trades which have easily proven over 70% accurate since I have joined. I have been in numerous other chatrooms over the years and none of them have been as profitable as Faisam Trader, or find as many good quality setups throughout the day. Since joining I have increased my speed in which I execute trades and have become much more confident with my platform. I have complete trust in the team as I know they enjoy keeping everyone happy by finding so many great trading opportunities. The profits page tells the story of the Faisam Trader success. These guys come to you with my highest recommendation
Faisam Trader is all about transparency and team work . Everybody in the team win or loose together One thing you can be sure is- there will not be any shady calls by anyone . Team has great mentors in Faisam, AC and Paul -who are always there for you . You cannot go wrong with this team.
After losing a large sum of money in 2016 I decided I wasn't making the right trading decisions (entry and exit points as well as picking the stocks poised to move) I needed to try something new, I decided to try Faisam Trading and joined on 01/03/2017 for the swing trader alerts, I was also given 7 days access to the chat room complete with stock scanner and charts, One week trading with Faisam Trader and I've already noticed a huge difference in my ability to win on trades, I won on 5 of 6 trades turning a $7K profit. The Faisam trading rules are what I was missing in my own trading strategy. My only regret was not finding this service sooner. I'm looking forward to upgrading my membership very soon, you guys are very good at what you do, keep up the great work!


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