Finally it’s over.

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It actually happened. The longest Government shutdown will get relief. It appears a partial agreement is in place, and everyone was sharing links to this story.

They’re Back!
After the shutdown, some thought it was time to BTFD again. Release the memes and GIFs

“Welcome Home.” – Amazon Alexa.
The Information reported today that Amazon is exploring a partnership with Meritage Homes, an American real estate development company. The tech giant has been keeping it mum, but they’ve been working with apartment buildings on a bundle of services to find new customers and make its package deliveries more seamless. Meritage Homes would be a foray into single and multi-family homes. If you think this is something worth watching, $MTH is the ticker.

Up in the Air
Due to the shutdown, a shortage of air traffic controllers forced many flights to stay airborne today, as some airports weren’t accepting arriving flights. Despite the chaos, American Airlines is up 4% today. Check out their recent earnings report here. JetBlue, on the other hand, dropped 2%. 

$CGC Pops
Piper Jaffrey raised their price target of Canopy Growth from $40 to $60, sending the stock to pop up 9%. Those who have shorted are taking a beating.

The maker of Colgate toothpaste says packaging and logistics are becoming more expensive and it’s hurting. $CL reported earnings, which were lower than expected, and sent the stock down 1% today.