Frequently Asked Questions

We send all day trade alerts in our day trading chatroom that can also be viewed on mobile. Our swing, overnight hold, and options alerts are sent via SMS to the mobile phone number you used to sign up with.

Day and Swing Trade Picks Best of both worlds. Good for those who have a full time job and would like alerts that they can hold for a few days (swing trades). Also, for those who do not have a full time job and can closely interact with the market and our chatroom on a normal business (day trades).

  • Day and Swing Trade Alerts
  • Chatroom with real time scanner
  • Real time email/SMS alerts
  • Video lessons
  • Buy and sell alerts
  • 15% to 50% gains

Mentorship Program

  • Three Month Program
  • Everything that you receive in the day and swing trades package
  • Includes our advanced scanner settings for Finviz and TC2000
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Start from the very beginning
  • Learn what we have learned in over 10 years
  • Live Chat Alerts
  • Real Time SMS Swing Trade Alerts
  • Learn to locate moves before they happen
  • Goal is to become a completely independent trader
  • Never become stuck in a stock again

You will be signed up with the package you check out with. You may also view your membership information in the Member Area, which includes information such as your invoices, active memberships, and more.

You will normally receive 5 to 20 alerts a day for the day trade alerts and up to 5 swing trade alerts a week depending on the market conditions.

After your registration has been completed, you will not need to do anything. All day trade alerts are sent in our day trading chatroom that you will be able to access through your membership area. The swing trade alerts are sent to you via SMS.

If you do not receive an alert for a day or two it could mean the market has been so bad that we actually have not traded.

Maybe you can call it luck or skill, we have never had a stock drop drastically overnight or even premarket. We never get into stocks that have earnings approaching or fda news pending, etc. We do not gamble. This can be verified by current members.

We recommend anywhere between $5000-$10000, but with time people have grown their accounts from as little as $2500.

We recommend you invest anywhere between 25% to 30% for the first few months, mainly until you get the hang of how we trade. When you feel more comfortable and have adapted to our system, you can even invest as much as 40% to 50%.

It varies, for swing trade alerts most of the time we send out our alerts between 3:30 pm and 3:50 pm, we don't expect our stock to move the very next day so you normally have a day or 2.

Yes, just like any good trader we have losing months. Our ratio of success is 3:1. Considering the fact that a 10% move in one day is considered the smallest win.

Now you just sit back and wait for Wednesdays. We will start training after the market closes at the time of your choice. Each lesson is 30 minutes long, normally because everyone has a busy schedule.

In those 30 minutes we will go over 3 items per week, in which we will discuss just the main items on the list. We don't waste a single second of your time with things that have nothing to do with trading stocks.


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