Frequently Asked Questions

We send all day trade alerts in our day trading chatroom that can also be viewed on mobile. Our swing, overnight hold, and options alerts are sent via SMS to the mobile phone number you used to sign up with.

We currently do not have any free trials for our services other than our Free Swing Trade Alerts membership.

With our day trading service you will have access to our intraday trading chatroom. Alerts for day trades vary largely on market conditions but we normally send more than five alerts daily.

Swing, Overnight Hold, and SMS alerts are sent via our SMS messaging system straight to your phone. You will generally receive one alert a day for those services depending on market conditions.

After your registration has been completed, you will not need to do anything. All day trade alerts are sent in our day trading chatroom that you will be able to access through your membership area. The swing trade alerts are sent to you via SMS.

If you do not receive an alert for a day or two it could mean the market has been so bad that we actually have not traded.

Maybe you can call it luck or skill, we have never had a stock drop drastically overnight or even premarket. We never get into stocks that have earnings approaching or fda news pending, etc. We do not gamble. This can be verified by current members.

We recommend anywhere between $5000-$10000, but with time people have grown their accounts from as little as $2500.

We recommend starting with a small percentage of your portfolio, so between 5% to 10%, to get accustomed to our trading strategies and alerting system. After you feel confident with how our system works then we recommend using a maximum of 20% of your account per trade For example, If you have a portfolio of $10,000 then we recommend using only $2000 per trade.

The goal is to make small and consistent gains. If you use 50% of your portfolion on one trade and the trade starts going against us then it will lead to emotional decision making which will cause further damage to your portfolio - we use hard stop losses for this very reason. We recommend never using more than 30% of your portfolio on one trade.

It varies, for swing trade alerts most of the time we send out our alerts between 3:30 pm and 3:50 pm, we don't expect our stock to move the very next day so you normally have a day or 2.

Yes, just like any good trader we have losing months. Our ratio of success is 3:1. Considering the fact that a 10% move in one day is considered the smallest win.

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