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Salman Aziz

$CERU(Cerulean Pharma) I do not usually suggests stocks to buy below a dollar, but this one is an exception. CERU recently has experienced an increased buyer’s interest, since the company announced they are currently seeking a buyer. The stock closed very strong on February 2, 2017 trading session at 0.93, with after hours price peaking above 1 dollar. The share volume traded on today’s session was over 2 million shares, over 6 times the average shares volume that is usually traded. The share price closed well above the 100 day moving average. The MACD is bullish and sits above the 0 trendline. With the sharp rise in RSI this suggests the stock is jammed packed with momentum. Under these current conditions the stock is a amazing buy below 1 dollar. Yesterday’s trading session the stock was halted, with the news suggesting the company is conducting a comprehensive strategic alternative. I do believe the days leading up to the official annoucement of a legitamite buyer, the share price of the stock will continue to rise. In fact, I believe this stock could surpass 1.50 when it is all said and done. This will give the investor the opportunity to garner 50% plus in gains, provided you were to get in at a dollar or below on February 3, 2017 trading session.
I wish you all the best and happy trading.

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