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Hello everyone, in 2017, Faisamtrader got lucky, very lucky, we got our first big break, AC_TRADER ends up joining our service as a member. Three months go by and after watching him mention winner after winner in the chatroom (as a member) we take a shot and ask him to join Faisamtrader. Being the amazing person/trader, he is, he says “let’s do it”.

Eighteen months into our brotherhood/friendship/partnership, I can openly say it was the best chance Faisamtrader ever took. He is easily the best stock trader I know, yes way better than those big-name traders. He is definitely Wall st’s hidden gem, some of you might already know him and some not, but you will soon. Follow him on twitter and stocktwits @AC_TRADER, do it now!








Group Stock Mentoring


I, Faisam have been planning this event for almost 1 full year. I just needed to focus and gain the confidence to be able to perform in front of many intelligent people at one time. I have been working on my English-speaking skills along with public speaking skills and now I am ready.  I, no longer fear speaking in front of groups.

I started trading stocks part time in 2013 and I have been trading full time since 2015. I have learned a lot from my profits and my losses, since mid-2016 I have not feared entering a trade as I have everything planned out before I enter the trade.

Before I enter a trade, I already know how much profit or loss I can expect. So, when either expectation has been met, there is no desire to hold the stock any longer.  This takes a lot of practice, after you have consistently practiced this for roughly 3 to 6 months it becomes a habit, after that you are cruising.

I have been mentoring traders since 2015. I have mentored over 54 traders and it was a pleasure mentoring one person at a time. Now we have started group trading, the reason for this was when traders started sharing their stories, mentioning how much money they actually had to get by for the next 30 days, it was nothing close to the $5000 fee we were charging (a lot less).

So, our team got together a few weeks ago and we decided we will hold group stock mentoring sessions to make stock learning more affordable for all.

We wanted to test the waters and see if we get enough of a response and we definitely did. We will have a beginner’s course where we will go over the very basics, like candlesticks, moving averages, what different timeframes mean, what indicators and which ones we use, etc. 

The advanced course will be explaining HOW we use the items we will be discussing in the beginner’s course, along with how to setup scanners and what to look for on a chart and most importantly how to define support and resistance and much more. 

One does not have to start with the beginner’s course, if you feel you are close to being profitable but still just maybe half a step behind, you may jump straight into the advanced course. 

These lessons will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday nights at 8 pm est (to accommodate members in different time zones). They will be 45 minutes long and will go on for 4 weeks straight. 

Each lesson will be live(screenshared) where we will be showing our screens to all the members. It will also be recorded and uploaded to an online cloud so it may be viewed over and over for reviewing. This will also help with the final exam and with those who may end up missing a lesson or two. 

If you fail to pass the exam, you will be transferred over to 1 on 1 mentoring(free lesson until you pass) with either AC or Faisam, based on who you prefer. You are stuck with us until you pass the exam. 
All of the courses will start at the beginning of each month and end at the end of each month. 
Beginner’s course link –
Advanced course link –