7 Tips For Noticing An Investment Scam

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Regardless of what truths are revealed there are precautions any investor can choose to help identify a possible investment scam.
The most common investment scams are those investors find in their emails. Fast rich schemes such as “This stock is prepared to soar 30,000% in three weeks” are frequently read and dismissed, but suspecting someone everyone trusts and respects is another story.


Here are seven key questions to consider:

  1. Does it guarantee high gain and “low risk?”
  2. Does it promise to know the future?
  3. Does it “guarantee anything”?
  4. Have you been one of the “lucky few who have been picked” to put money into XYZ business?
  5. Is the salesperson reluctant to furnish a prospectus or financial statements?
  6. Is the salesperson’s info “a hot inside tip?”
  7. Does the salesperson promise to have invested in the company also?


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